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Spaghetti Western & Meatballs

When Bob and Gene start watching Spaghetti Western films, they wind up alienating Louise. As Gene takes pointers from the films on how to deal with his archrival at school, Tina takes out her aggression and fights her way through a conflict-resolution program.

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The Princess and the Frog Full Movie in English

Prince Naveen was cursed into a frog. He met Tiana and misunderstood her as a princess. He asked Tiana’s kiss to lift the curse, so he could turn back into a human. After hesitating, Tiana decided to give him a kiss to help him return to being human. But the curse did not neutralize and she was turned into […]

Watch 101 Dalmatians Full HD Movie

101 Dalmatians is the 17th Walt Disney animated film, released in the early 1960s. Set in London (UK), the film tells the family of the two uncles. Dalmatians – Pongo and Purdy live with two kind owners, Roger – Anita. When Purdy gave birth to 15 cute dalmatians, Anita’s old friend Cruella De Ville wanted […]