2-Star Azir at Minions?! – Teamfight Tactics Full Game | TFT | Diamond

Full gameplay of TFT… huge Azir highroll game!

★ Aatrox / Khazix / Azir / Janna / Malphite / Yorick / Soraka / Qiyana / Zed
⬢ Cloud / Light / Assassin / Summoner / Mystic / Desert

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Hi my name is Eddie! I stream, record, edit and upload my gameplay video as a hobby. I mainly play TFT, Hearthstone and Overwatch, but look forward to creating other content in the future. Making these videos help me be more critical of my own decisions, and help me become a better player. I try my best to share my thought process when I can. It’s my goal to make these videos helpful to others too. I really appreciate your time to drop by – please consider subscribing if you think I deserve your clicks. Thanks!

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Comment (23)

  1. Most of your 9 azirs came from just 2 shop screens lol.

    Definitely questionable putting the single glove on azir instead of a full item later but it worked out!

  2. you had to lock and wait for the end of the round to give azir the seraph. you only need zed or level 9. anyways, you dont lose much with the lock

  3. That inicial Azir highroll had a 0.25% of happening. You could actually keep winstreak by making Solari at early but Rageblade was ok at the long run. Also I tought the same by changing items to Zed (GA & Redemption only) still this was a pretty good video, lots of highroll, that Azir 3, Cloud Lux & Light Zed, that team look scary. Nice video dude 🙂


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