5 Times Jerry Questioned Everything | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim

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5 occasions where Jerry doubted his job, sexuality and the very fabric of existence.

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Comment (46)

  1. I love seeing sleepy Gary stay sad after Jerry rejects him
    Like, he's a parasite
    We know that, Jerry wasn't looking, he could've easily just shrugged as he turned around
    But the parasite was so into his role it acted as a person
    Dumb shit, but I love it

  2. This is why the old rick and morty was good. The humour was top shit and it provided subtle messages. Unlike the new season which just feels like family guy with random shit happening for no reason and introducing shit even the fuckin creators said they wouldn't bring in such as time travel and fucking magic. Rick and Morty is so shit now compared to the previous seasons.

  3. did jerry somehow make a parasite question everything? lookat garrys face when jerry says ''we agreed, never in the house'' what if garrys face is because of the love memory is experiences with jerry, probably just my imagination but cool to think about nonetheless

  4. Is jerry gay then I’m so confused like sometimes he’s kissing random guys then the next saying he loves Beth


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