Blue's Clues & Blue's Clues UK: – Thinking Time – (Joe & Kevin) – [No Steve Included]

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  1. Season 6 episode 6 The Big Book About Us (UK)
    Season 6 episode 5 Shape Searchers (UK)
    Season 4 episode 30 Can You Help?
    Season 4 episode 28 I’m So Happy!
    Season 6 episode 1 Let’s Boogie! (UK)
    Season 6 episode 4 Puppets (UK)
    Season 6 episode 2 Blocks (UK)
    Season 5 episode 15 Bedtime Business
    Season 5 episode 20 Let’s Write!

  2. Searching For Circles (UK Version of Shape Searchers)
    Question: Where does Blue want to search for shapes?
    1. A Cash Register
    2. A Shopping Trolley
    3. Food
    Right Answer: Blue wants to search for shapes at the supermarket

  3. The Big Book About Us (UK Version)
    Question: What do Blue and her friends want to put on the front of The Big Book About Us?
    1. Paper
    2. Crayons
    3. A Mirror
    Right Answer: Blue and her friends want to draw pictures of themselves and put them on the front of The Big Book About Us– like self-portraits

  4. Can You Help? (Nick Jr. Airing, Mon 5/6/19)
    I'm So Happy (Nick Jr. Airing, Sat 5/11/19)
    Bedtime Business (Nick Jr. Airing, Wed 5/22/19)
    Let's Write (Nick Jr. Airing, Fri 5/10/19)

  5. 1. The big book about us (UK)
    2. Shape searchers (UK)
    3. Can you help?
    4. I’m so happy
    5. Let’s boogie (UK)
    6. Puppets (UK)
    7. Blocks (UK)
    8. Bedtime business
    9. Let’s write

  6. i liked joe but kevin made me say pick up the paste a little as a 5 year old but now i dont know why i said that heck he's fast then i remebered lol

  7. Can u do that with ( U.K. ) bugs and hide and seek ( u S ) I did that numbers words and what does blue need and rhyme time?


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