Blue's Clues: Drawing 3 Clues from (Imagine Nation)

Here’s all 3 Clues.

1. Big White Circle
2. Button
3. Triangles

Disclaimer: *I do not own the rights to this video.*

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Viacom don’t block that!!!! Do not Re-upload Please.

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  1. Season 1 Episode 5 What Does Blue Need?
    Season 2 Episode 16 What Did Blue See?
    Season 5 Episode 28 Morning Music
    Season 5 Episode 29 Blue Takes You To School
    Season 5 Episode 27 Our Neighborhood Festival
    Season 3 Episode 2 Weight and Balance
    Season 4 Episode 2 Imagine Nation
    Season 3 Episode 16 What’s So Funny?
    Season 2 Episode 18 Blue is Frustrated
    Season 3 Episode 20 Shy

  2. What Does Blue Need?
    What Did Blue See?
    Morning Music
    Blue Takes You To School
    Our Neighborhood Festival
    Weight and Balance
    Imagine Nation
    What’s So Funny?
    Blue is Frustrated


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