Family Guy – The Road to Germany (1/3)

Family Guy

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  1. The bit where they're watching the Oscars is just to unbelievable to be funny, i mean the Oscars are basically a petri dish of pedophilia, Liberalism and blackmail, who tf's going to watch that.

  2. “Oh boy, i love my life as a jewish person during the year of 1939 in early September, oh and look, planes”

  3. I mean the Germans didn't conquer Poland in a day. It took em a week!

    Just kidding but yea they invaded in the 1st of September but didn't reach Warsaw until the 8th and finally conquered it all on the 28th of September

  4. The show family guy is 1 of the only shows I know that has the willing to show swastika’s

  5. 8:36 You know, Poland actually DID have an army! It actually took the Germans weeks on end to invade Poland because of the fierce resistance put up by them! The Poles probably could’ve beaten the Germans if the Soviets hadn’t invaded from the East!

  6. Of all the times and places for Mort to get transported back to it was the worst date and country for Jews to be in. Seth MacFarlane must really hate them.


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