In The Recording Booth With Bob's Burgers | Season 3 | BOB'S BURGERS

Go inside the recording studio as the talent from Bob’s Burgers brings the show to life before your very eyes!

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BOB’S BURGERS, a 2018 Emmy Award nominee for Outstanding Animated Program, returns for a hearty ninth season on FOX. The series follows BOB (H. Jon Benjamin) and his ever-quirky family who together run the restaurant Bob’s Burgers.

The series will celebrate its milestone 150th episode, which also is the Season Nine premiere episode, “Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now.” In the special musical episode, featuring four original songs, Tina (Dan Mintz) hunts down her “soulmate” at replacement auditions for her favorite boy band. The upcoming season also will feature its annual holiday-themed episodes and all-new and returning guest voices, including Josh Gad, Andrew Rannells and Daveed Diggs.

In The Recording Booth With Bob’s Burgers | Season 3 | BOB’S BURGERS


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Comment (17)

  1. That woman’s voice that please Louise trips me out every time I look at her and it’s not Louise I’m looking at.

  2. Can you really call yourself a "Voice Actor" if the voice you use to characterize with … is just your regular voice?

  3. How come these 3 voice actors seem to have voices which feel like they should be able to come out of their mouths

  4. The whole show is mainly men voice actors . Louise has to be the only female voice actor to be honest . Because all of the female characters are played by men lmao


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