Iron Man – 90s Cartoon Intro

Hey guys, guess who I am!

*tank explodes*

Music from the 90s cartoon show.

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  1. Thanks for all your comments guys πŸ˜€ The syncing at the end was a big fluke, and I'm glad it turned out alright.

    But all the credits goes to the damn awesome theme song!!
    Thanks for watching!

  2. @Prathik1989
    Your editing is awesome, but that assembly rig is obviously Jon Favreau's reference to the 90's cartoon. He referenced the lame 60's series with a lame ringtone, but the awesome 90's series got the single most awesome scene in the awesome movie, awesome.


  3. Damn, that was awesome (the synching of film and music was perfect). I wish this theme had been in the movies somewhere, because it is part of the most badass opening to a cartoon ever created. EVER.


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