Privacy Policy

Welcome to KissCartoon World – The free online animation channel. By understanding the privacy policy, you will have a happier day.

The way KissCartoon works

This site uses YouTube’s v3 API to capture video information via the Submit function. Also we use Youtube embed function to display videos on this web.

Content copyright

Copyright of the videos on KissCartoon World are owned by Youtube and their users. We use and distribute content through the sharing function (iframe code), which is consistent with their terms.

What data do we collect from you?


We use browser cookies to display ads that are more appropriate to you, through monetization networks such as Adsense, Adchoice,…

Cache storage

We use browser memory to cache the website, so it loads faster, it will increase the good experience for you.

Personal information

We do not ask to collect any of your personal information. But if you comment by email, we’ll save it to remember you for next time.

Copyright complaint

Are you a YouTube user and don’t want your video to appear on this web? Please contact us at: [email protected]


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