Rick and Morty – 3×10 The Rickchurian Mortydate – Group Reaction

Hey ya’ll! We’re back with a group react to the Season 3 finale of Rick and Morty! What did you think of The Rickchurian Mortydate? Not at all what I was expecting but not necessarily bad. This is Normies group reaction to episode 3×10 of Rick and Morty’s 3rd Season. Leave a like if you enjoyed this review and discussion as well!

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Comment (34)

  1. This is barely a reaction you're jumping around way too much I get it's not meant to be a substitute for actually watching the episode but you need to have enough so that we can understand what you're reacting to and you skip the entire first part of it.

  2. So does Rick spearheading a pirate themed amusement park ride make more or less sense now that we know his irrational fear of pirates?

  3. Dude. Mortys parents are basically a marriage between female Rick and adult morty but having kids and Rick dad tied down female Rick from the idea of letting lose like male Rick so she’s just stuck with a dumb family.

  4. 9:30 The face Jerry's making here, is quite possibly the most punchable face ever drawn. So smug that Beth is protecting him from being bullied.

  5. IF Beth was the clone wouldn't Rick have been smart enough to create her withOUT the memory of the conversation about the fact that he could make her a clone? Just so that he wouldn't have to deal with an obnoxious paranoid clone becoming self aware?

  6. The whole South Park reference is a double entendre so to speak. South Park had an episode where "Simpsons did it" was the theme.

  7. Pause. Whereas Rick's wife. Beth MOM? In all versions of Rick and the citadel of Ricks, there is no image or mention of the person who gave Rick his daughter that he loves.

  8. reason why beth is not a clone:
    "zero chance of it going blade runner"
    i.e. the clone would not become self aware. therefore, given that beth THINKS she's a clone, proves that she's NOT.

  9. Ok, your "now the Normies know about it and now it's mainstream" comment just made me love y'all more. Great series and great reactions!!

    Want your fix for Sci-fi adventures?! Why not give "Final Space" a shot? It's 6 episodes in and my god! It's so good!


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