Rick and Morty meets D&D! Part 1: The Quest for Treasure & Lost Booty (DnD 5e)

Look no further, you’ve found the best dungeon delving adventure: The Lost Dungeon of Rickedness. That’s not biased either, unanimously agreed upon by all*.
This dungeon was designed by Rick Sanchez, so buckle up for a wild ride full of comedy, action, and a dash of heartfelt sincerity.

And yes, Kurtis does a Rick impression while wearing a lab coat all throughout this game.
Immersion: 1
Throat Health: 0

The Party [Level 1]
Ari Strongbow {Summer} – Half-Elf Fighter (Justin)
Keth Silverson {Morty} – Half-Orc Rogue (Kenny)
Kiir Bravan {Jerry} – Half-Elf Wizard (Kyle)
Meatface {Meatface} – Human Fighter (Rob)
Eredar Greenleaf {Original Character do not steal} – Wood-Elf Rogue (Chris)
Dungeon Master {Rick} – The God, The Winner, The Best (Kurtis)

* “all” consists of everyone that I could be bothered to ask, so maaaaybe that’s not “statistically significant”. Whatever. You’re the one who read the asterisk footnote in a YouTube description, so maaaaybe we’re “all” flawed. -Rick

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