Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality (Collectibles: How to get all 15 Cassettes)

This video and description contains spoilers. This is a video guide on how to find and collect all the cassettes.

Cassettes are collectible items in Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. Despite what Rick claims at the end of the game, and what is shown on the white board, it seems there are 15 cassettes in total, not 13 (as you can see in the video). The contents of these cassettes include conversation between the characters, songs from the series and others.

Once you completed the game, freeplay mode is unlocked for you to collect the cassettes.

*All of them can be obtained in freeplay mode except probably #14
*If you want to get and listen to the cassette content for #7, you can only do so in freeplay mode
Use the list below and the video to learn how to obtain them.
2)Demonic Alien Containment Box
3)Outside window
4)Combine 2 cassettes (refer to video)
5)Buy from computer
6)Lower drawer in Space Shuttle
7)under small crystal in Alien World
8)Behind whiteboard
9)Combine 2 cassettes (refer to video)
10)Below battery charging area
11)TROY game (refer to video)
12)Garage Hatch (refer to video)
13)Bathroom drawer
14)Under engine
15)Combine 2 cassettes together, then combine the combined tape with a cassette

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Comment (18)

  1. With the Troy tape, you could've just gone behind the wooden bar in the cradle behind you and there's a bottle of bleach which if you pick up you just die and you get the tape immediately.

  2. It's really creepy how Morty and Summer just stares at you and you can't reach them. Would be nice to be able to venture outside the garage and bathroom.


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